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DistanceIsResistance is a Rose Brand organization formed to help contribute to the war on COVID-19.  


Rose Brand is a 99 year old, family owned company that was 400 employees strong in early March. We're the largest US firm supplying stage curtains, fabrics, printed backdrops, production hardware, and supplies to the entertainment and event industries. You almost can't go to a Broadway theatre, arena, concert venue, school, or church production without our products being in view or behind the scenes.


But we've been reduced to just 10% of our workforce, having temporarily furloughed most of our beloved employees. We will battle back against COVID-19 in any positive manner that we can. 


We will spread the message of social distancing, help raise funds for first responders and the most vulnerable, and fight to return our co-workers to the jobs that they did so well and so rightfully deserve.  Find out more about Rose Brand on our main company site About Us page or our Homepage.

Help us spread the word.

Join The Resistance Keep Your DistanceTM


    c/o Rose Brand, 4 Emerson Lane, Secaucus, NJ

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